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The Stained Glass Windows of
Saint Benedict Catholic Church

Stories from the Past, Present and Future

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Great care needs to be taken to be able to blend areas of old and new glass. The following describes the steps that were taken on the Motherhouse windows for Saint Benedict church's nave and narthex windows:
Where needed, windows were taken apart carefully by removing old lead. Each piece of glass was cleaned and old putty removed. Glass pieces were laid Out carefully to match new sizes and show where new glass was needed. Paper templates were cut for new glass (like cutting new pieces for a puzzle). Glass was selected to match (a big selection of glass was required).

Glass was hand cut according to templates. New glass was hand painted with trace lines to blend in with old glass. Glass was fired in kiln. A second layer of shading paint was applied to blend with old glass. Glass was fired in kiln. Glass pieces were put together with lead placed between the glass pieces (putting the "puzzle" together). Every lead in the joint was soldered on both sides of the panels. Panels were puttied on both sides. Final cleaning on both sides of window completed the restoration.

For the St. Joseph Room windows, new backgrounds above and below the original Motherhouse stained glass were added to enlarge the windows for this space. The background blues are similar to the cupola windows while the white border glass is also used in the new stained glass windows. The windows in the Saint Joseph Room depict such themes as the Annunciation and the Angel's appearance to Joseph in a dream.

The Cupola, Eucharistic Chapel, Rose and the Reconciliation Room windows are all new stained glass. These windows, designed by Sue Obata, are contemporary, yet have timeless themes that can resonate with parishioners now, and with future generations. The cupola windows were designed to be a welcoming beacon and bring to mind the text from Psalm 119:105, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

At the top of each of the windows is a dove- like shape, which represents the Holy Spirit and is therefore connected to the Baptismal glass and the east Rose window at the front of the church

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