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Largest North American Stained Glass Windows
Made in Nova Scotia

Toronto, September 1997.
--- Soaring, stained glass windows by award winning Canadian glass artist will be unveiled at Sattler's Glass Studio in West LaHave, Nova Scotia on October 26, 97. The Mystere Windows a series of six 16' x 32' windows depicting the Mysteries of the Rosary, will be installed in St.Andrew's church in Columbus, Ohio in Februray 1998. The project began in the fall of 1996 and has taken 13 month to complete.

Filtering a strong east light, the Mystere Windows have a precise geometry a profound constrast to the gentle stories portrayed within. "You can fill 3,000 sq. ft. with large scale pictures, but when you get close, there are tiny little paintings which are woven into the composition. The mysteries of the rosary haven't often been portrayed in pictures - they are a private devotion and that's why I have kept the pictures small and intimate --- a place to meditate," explains the artist.

Creating so ambitious a project, one of the largest in North America, the artist chose to work with the world-famous German fabrication-team, Helga and Norbert Sattler, Sattler's Glass Studio', which has a studio in West LaHave, Nova Scotia. The artist and fabricators travelled to Germany to purchase the glass together. "They are excellent craftsmen, completely dedicated. I focus on the artwork, they focus on the technique", says the artist.

Founded by German-born and trained Norbert Sattler in 1980, Sattler's Studtio is one of the top five stained glass workshops in Germany with a clientele of international customers and artists. Expanding into the North American market, the Canadian studio opened in 1993. " We are very proud to work at the studio that has produced the largest stained glass windows in North America at this time", says Norbert Sattler.

The project to date has spent $130.000 on 11,679 sq.ft. of hand-made coloured glass, cut into 12,945 pieces. The windows also used one ton of lead, 3 kilos of glass paint, 1 lb of pure silver and 6 ounces of gold.


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