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“Transformation” Art Show Features Works by Sattler's Stained Glass Studio

LaHave, January 10, 2010

Sattler's Stained Glass Studio takes fine art glass to another level. Working in collaboration with different artists, Sattler's Stained Glass Studio uses glass as a medium to enhance public and ecclesiastical spaces.

Artist Talk by Norbert Sattler: March 4, 6 to 7:30 pm

AST Art Gallery, 660 Francklyn Street-Halifax 902-423-7986

For further details on exhibition hours, etc., please check the website More information on the Transformation show is also available from the same page under Current Exhibitions.

    List of Artists:

  • Ohotaq Mikkigak, Cape Dorset
  • Anita Rist Geiger, Germany
  • Craig Rubadoux, NS
  • Diether Domes, Germany
  • Kavavaow Mannomee, Cape Dorset
  • Hubert Distler, Germany
  • Kenojuak Ashewak, Cape Dorset
  • Prof. Georg Bernhad, Germany
  • Prof. Juergen Reipka, Germany
  • Richard Mueller, NS
  • Sr. Nicole Oblinger OSF, Germany
  • Sue Obata , ON
  • Wayne Boucher, NS

Curatorial Statement

Historically, churches and stained glass seem a marriage made in heaven. No one can dispute the sheer beauty of medieval glass works such as those found in the Chartres Cathedral just south of Paris. As a major architectural component of the building, the majestic windows channel light into coloured shapes of theological significance. It is this art form, which sets the background for Transformation.

After extensive training and apprenticeship (in Germany) in the art of traditional stained glass, followed by a successful studio operation there, Norbert Sattler and his wife Helga moved to Nova Scotia, where together they built Sattler's Stained Glass Studio, an impressive operation overlooking the LaHave River, just outside Bridgewater. An expert in the creation and restoration of traditional stained glass windows (including the recent restoration of the windows of St. John's Anglican Church in Lunenburg), Norbert's passion for his medium takes him past its expressions in history.

Transformation is an example of Norbert's vision of glass as a medium for contemporary fine art. It is a selection of works created at the Sattler Studio as collaborative projects between Norbert and various contemporary artists. Uniting technical expertise and contemporary imagery, these works stand in contrast to the somewhat formulaic works of conventional leaded glass church windows of earlier times. Such new works move beyond their historical antecedents, adding a new dimension: they are expressive of our time, provoking us to consider the changes in both art and theology since medieval times.

The language of art is not properly compared to verbal discourse; it is of a different sort altogether. For the viewer, visual art speaks first through feeling, which is only later processed by intellectual reflection. Each art medium can be understood as a different 'art language' capable of expressing feeling in its own distinctive way. Norbert Sattler appears to understand this concept deeply. Often working with artists whose first visual language is not glass, he generously offers his insights and expertise, helping them to create works that are not merely translations of their primary media, but transformations containing nuances made possible only by glass.

Stretching the limits of his medium as he works with individual artists, Norbert remains respectful of the traditional materials and methods of his trade. For him, each project is unique: his task is to assist artists in the communication of their vision through a medium that is often unfamiliar for them. Using light as a primary tool, Norbert pushes the envelope, employing and inventing techniques as necessary to bring the artist's vision to life. His medium, more properly called 'art glass' than 'stained glass', provides a bridge for contemporary artists who seek to create religious imagery for contemporary theologies.

The works in this exhibition are pioneering. For the church, they offer inspiration as we explore new possibilities for imagery that reflects contemporary theology for our sacred spaces. These works of art in glass combine the best from our past with the finest of contemporary insights, showing how we can evolve the imagery of our tradition for the more broadly ecumenical world in which we find ourselves.

Regina Coupar, Exhibitions DirectorAtlantic School of Theology Art Gallery


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