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Stained Glass Restoration,
Conservation and Repair.

Sattler's Stained Glass Studio, Ltd.

Sattler's Stained Glass Studios specializes in the conservation and restoration of church windows as well as new stained glass. They have all the facilities required for traditional stained glass projects and restorations, including a computerized kiln for specialized firing needs. They maintain a large stock of antique glass and custom colors can be fabricated for any project.

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Take a look at our new album of images depicting the various stages involved in the restoration process.

The example follows the restoration of one window that was damaged by fire in St. John's Anglican Church, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Stained Glass Restoration, Conservation and Repair.  Sattler's Stained Glass Studio, Ltd.

Our Specialties:

  • Stained Glass Restoration and Conservation,

  • Stained Glass Window Repair,

  • Custom Extruded Lead Cames,

  • Custom Fired Stained Glass,

  • Antique Glass.

Sattlers Studio's work is executed with care, precision, and an understanding of the fine balance between knowing the limits of the material and the reality of what is technically possible. In addition to working with artists on new and innovative modern art, Sattler's Stained Glass Studios applies its experience to the restoration of windows of about eight churches yearly. Sattler's Stained Glass Studio has all necessary facilities and equipment required for modern and traditional stained glass projects as well as restorations. At the studio, all glass is hand painted, but it also has the facility to print on glass. The studios traditional painters have extensive experience in figurative and ornamental painting of any period as well as in contemporary art.

Today, the conservation and restoration of stained glass windows is, just like other art-forms , subject to strict guidelines set by conservationists and historians to ensure that the original authentic substance of the window is maintained as much as possible. The goal is not at all to let the conserved art "shine in new light". Much rather, the aim is to retain the existing design, material, and esthetic value of the stained glass windows and protect them as best as possible from future corrosion. The object of restoration is to return the stained glass window to its original form and design. This may include the removal of unjustified repairs which were subsequently performed, or the replication of missing portions of original work. Any treatment should be the minimum and least invasive necessary to satisfy the needs of the project.

Norbert Sattler offers his knowledge, experience and facilities to help artists from all over the world to create their art. His Studio prides itself in a quality product which is achieved by understanding the artist's idea, seeing the artist's view and combining these with the vast possibilities provided by the medium of glass.


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